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Grand Teton Meadows in the Fall

  • Title: Grand Teton Meadows in the Fall
  • Description: Golden aspens and golden grasses...

Autumn Valley View

  • Title: Autumn Valley View
  • Description: Trails of golden aspen trees wind...

Awash in Gold

  • Title: Awash in Gold
  • Description: Close shot of golden aspens...

Golden Morning

  • Title: Golden Morning
  • Description: A blanket of golden aspens lies at...

Windy Day

  • Title: Windy Day
  • Description: Leaves blurred by the wind on a...

Last Man Standing

  • Title: Last Man Standing
  • Description: A small aspen still holds it's leaves...

Sunset at Deb's Meadow

  • Title: Sunset at Deb's Meadow
  • Description: Scene of the shootout scene in "True...

Layers of Gold

  • Title: Layers of Gold
  • Description: Mountain sides filled with yellow...

Mount Sneffels Fall

  • Title: Mount Sneffels Fall
  • Description: Mount Sneffels in the morning light...

A Break in the Storm

  • Title: A Break in the Storm
  • Description: Beams of sunlight break through the...

A Break in the Storm

  • Title: A Break in the Storm
  • Description: Clouds break to reveal sun beams over...

Bugling Elk

  • Title: Bugling Elk
  • Description: Stem rises from the mouth of a...

Aspen Gold

  • Title: Aspen Gold
  • Description: A small grove of golden aspens in the...

Vein of Gold

  • Title: Vein of Gold
  • Description: A line of gold leafed Aspen trees...

Into the Woods

  • Title: Into the Woods
  • Description: Soft focus view of fall aspens.

First Snow Lundy Canyon

  • Title: First Snow Lundy Canyon
  • Description: Snow capped mountain top with a line...

Streaming Aspens

  • Title: Streaming Aspens
  • Description: Lines of aspen trees in the fall...

A Shimmer of Gold

  • Title: A Shimmer of Gold
  • Description: Light catches two separate stripes of...

San Juan Mountains Morning

  • Title: San Juan Mountains Morning
  • Description: Snow dusted mountain tops snuggle up...

A Roll in the Hay

  • Title: A Roll in the Hay
  • Description: Bales of hay dot a meadow below Mount...

Getting the Shot

  • Title: Getting the Shot
  • Description: A photographer taking a picture of a...

Blanket of Gold

  • Title: Blanket of Gold
  • Description: A rocky mountain top is snuggled up...

Aspens Along Camp Bird Road

  • Title: Aspens Along Camp Bird Road
  • Description: Aspen trees and mountain tops along...

Sierra Gold

  • Title: Sierra Gold
  • Description: Glowing golden aspen leaves in an...
Page of 2 (35 items total)